Hearing Aids

We live in a demanding and fast paced world and hearing is an incredibly important part of that. This means we require more features and flexibility than ever before. Luckily hearing aids are now much smarter and automatically adjust to your personalised environments.

There are many different hearing aids available in terms of style, features and price and we realise this can be daunting to those new to hearing aid technology. We will ensure we explain all options available so you fully understand the options available and are able to make an informed decision. Technology has made huge advances in recent years and as such hearing aids now have many specialised features to cater for even the most challenging listening environments.

As we are an independent practice we have full access to all the latest technology to ensure we have a complete range of products to suit all your needs. During your hearing assessment we ensure we have a detailed understanding of your hearing and lifestyle needs to ensure we recommend the most appropriate product to fulfil those needs.


Assistive Listening Devices

We offer a full range of the most up-to-date assistive listening devices to support hearing aid and non-hearing aid users in different listening situations.

For example devices which can be used with the telephone, TV, in groups and meetings as well as devices which can be linked up to mobile devices.


Medico-Legal Hearing Assessments

We undertake work for a number of solicitors and hearing professionals including medico legal screening, fully diagnostic testing as well as hearing aid recommendations, tinnitus assessments and management depending on the needs of the client.


Industrial Testing

We offer a full range of services and products to support you in the workplace.

From on site noise risk assessments to custom noise protection, hearing surveillance programmes, hearing screening and full range of in-ear monitors as well as hearing protection.


ENT support services

Chester Hearing and Balance Services support ENT Consultants based at the following private hospitals within the local area of Cheshire, Wirral, Merseyside and North Wales.
We are able to provide the following services for adults and children which may have been requested or advised by your ENT Consultant:

  • hearing assessment
  • assessment of middle ear function
  • hearing aid assessment
  • tinnitus assessment and management
  • hearing aid provision
  • advice and provision of hearing protection
  • provision of swim plugs (water precautions)