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Phonak is one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

They are a Swiss company which is a part of the much larger Sonova group. They have been manufacturing hearing aids for over half a century and provide their devices in over 100 countries around the world.

While they were once known for Children’s hearing aids, they have become known for outstanding hearing aid technology for all.

The new Phonak Marvel range has really excited both professionals and users alike and I expect them to be pretty big in 2019.
Phonak do things a little differently than the other manufacturers when it comes to naming their hearing aids. They do use numbers to signify technology level, however, they split their hearing aid types with different names.

For instance, a flagship or premium range hearing aid from Phonak will use the number 90 while a basic aid will have the number 30 in the name. Their BTEs are called Bolero, their ITEs are called Virto and their RIC / RITEs are called Audeo.

Their latest product is the Belong platform, their first range on the platform was the Audeo (RIC devices). They have now launched the Bolero devices and they have indicated the launch of a new custom hearing aid device called the Virto B-Titanium.