What can I expect at my hearing assessment?

Your hearing assessment is the first major step on your journey to better hearing. At all times your needs and requirements will be taken into account and we will provide advice on the best solution to optimise your hearing potential.
We will choose from the very latest in digital technology to find the right solution for you, all our hearing devices are very effective but extremely discreet and in some cases completely invisible.


  • Full audiometric hearing assessment including speech discrimination testing where necessary
  • Examination of ear and auditory canal
  • Explanation & discussion of the results
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Independent advice on the most appropriate hearing system to meet your personal objectives
  • A copy of your audiogram for you to keep for future reference
  • Reports to your G.P. or E.N.T. Specialists if required

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids vary according to the technology and benefits they provide. The technology level prescribed will vary depending on the lifestyle needs and budget of the individual.

We will discuss the various options available for you and select the most appropriate instrument for you.


Hearing Aid Brands

Are you finding it difficult to compare the different hearing aid brands on the market? You’re not alone. At Chester Hearing and Balance Services we work with the leading hearing aid brands.

FM Systems

A personal frequency modulation (FM) system uses radio waves to send speech and other signals to hearing aids. FM is the same type of signal as your FM radio, only it’s tuned to a frequency band designated for personal use.

There are two basic components of a personal FM system: a transmitter microphone and a receiver. The receiver may be integrated into a pair of hearing aids or a set of headphones.


Assistive Listening Devices

An assistive listening device (ALD) is used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations where they are unable to distinguish speech in noise. Often in a noisy or crowded room it is almost impossible for an individual who is hard of hearing to distinguish one voice among many.